We firmly believe as a membership organisation and a charitable foundation that we must be open, transparent and honest about how we’re funded. We believe we should be accountable to our members for our spending, too.

We’re proud to have been publishing our accounts and spending habits for our members since 2014, and remain committed to providing this information for the public domain today.

We provide all of our instructors and clubs with a full, detailed breakdown on our spending and income. This includes categorised income and spending spreads via charts and graphs to help illustrate our financial habits. We feel this is a really important right all of our members should have to see and query our spending if needed.

How Are We Funded?

To date,  we have not received a penny in funding from any external sources. We’ve never recieved government help or funding, nor have we received any funds or support in anyway from external bodies like the National Lottery.

We are entirely self-sufficient, funding our operations and foundation exclusively from our own generated income. We do this through membership subscriptions and merchandise sales.

All of our advice and guidance is offered to members of the public, police, councils, LADOs and clubs free of charge and without any remuneration.

Our Charitable Foundation will be seeking donations from individuals and corporate clients throughout the 2020-2021 period however to date we have not received a penny in charitable giving.  Likewise, we are considering sponsorship opportunities with brands but as per the charitable circumstance, to date no income has been received via this channel.

The association remains entirely self-funded and self-sufficient, and without any support or assistance from government, Sport England or the National Lottery.

How Do We Spend Our Income?

A large proportion of our income is spent on staff and payroll. We have no members of staff on any kind of substantial remuneration packages, but as our organisation has grown rapidly we have had to bring on a staff in operations, strategic ops and administrative duties to help the association run.

The remainder of our spending is committed to key areas of operational importance. We provide a full breakdown of our spending by category for all members of the association.

We are incredibly responsible with our spending, ensuring the vast majority is made available to our Charitable Foundation to undertake it’s charitable aims. We are accountable to our members, as well as the Charity Commission for all of our spending, with any salaries agreed by our board of trustees in advance.

Register as a member of our association below to access our full income and spending breakdown and to have your chance to provide feedback on where your fees should go.

Can Your Association Be As Open About Income And Spending?

We think it’s only fair you know where your membership fees are going and how they are being spent. What’s more, we give all of our members the opportunity to provide frank and open feedback on spending priorities and income streams, to ensure we’re always acting in the interest of our community of instructors and clubs.