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Martial Arts Safeguarding Code & Our Association

We’re exceptionally proud to have attained the Martial Arts Safeguarding Code at an organisation level for our association, the British Martial Art & Boxing Association (BMABA). Furthermore, having now attained this as an association, we can in turn provide a package of support, resources and training to help clubs from all styles and backgrounds meet the mark.

The Safeguarding Code For Martial Arts is a non-partisan Scheme designed to help benchmark a club’s safeguarding competencies and educate the public on safeguarding in martial arts. In return for a club ensuring they have the correct standards in place, they will be displayed on the Safeguarding Code’s Club Finder for parents and the public to see, as well as receive certification. The scheme is supported by Sport England, the National Lottery, CPSU, Ann Craft Trust and many more.

How can we help your club gain the Sport England Safeguarding Code For Martial Arts?

  • Our association has met and attained the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts and we have been working to support the program since it first began in 2018.
  • We provide our members with pre-approved documents and template policies to help you set up approved safeguarding policies and statements.
  • We provide a completely free Club Colours' award which will walk you through the entire Safeguarding Code In Martial Arts checklist of requirements with support, guidance and supervision throughout.
  • We provide access to recognised safeguarding qualifications and enhanced DBS checks, to help you and your team meet the necessary training standards.
  • We can provide expert guidance on safeguarding provisions at club level, to help you meet and surpass minimum standards

We’ve been working for years to try and build closer bridges with the likes of Sport England and their partners to forge a reputable opportunity for our multi-style independent clubs to enjoy access to key programs such as The Code.

The Code is open to any club, and we’ll provide our members with all of the guidance, expertise and training needed to meet the safeguarding standards set by the Safeguarding Code In Martial Arts.

To learn more about The Code, visit their website here.

What’s the BMABA Club Colours Award?

To help you meet the standards outlined by The Code, we’ve constructed the BMABA Club Colours Award; a free qualification open to all BMABA instructors and clubs which will help you run through each requirement with a view to understanding and demonstrating competency. This is part of our range of free instructor qualifications and training packages.

Our Guidance & Support Attaining The Code Is Exclusively For BMABA Registered Instructors

You can join our Association online to access all of the advertised support, as well as our award winning membership. This includes certification, licensing, instructor qualifications, business support, template documents and forms, a free club website, safeguarding support, access to DBS checks, safeguarding qualifications, access to first aid training and so much more for one single annual or monthly fee.