This is one of dozens of resources, tools, licensing provisions, insurances, community features and more available exclusively to our members as an inclusive part of their annual BMABA membership.

Our exclusive, renowned National Grading Integrity Scheme is designed to ensure the grades issued by you at club level are recognised and ratified throughout the UK. This effectively allows you and your club to issue nationally supported grades.

The scheme is not about forcing regulations on clubs, nor does it require you to pay anything to grade your students, your way at club level. Instead, it is about establishing a national framework of accepted practice for gradings across all styles. This is designed to offer stability and confidence to the wider public when being issued grades under BMABA registered clubs.

The scheme has next to no red-tape and is open to clubs and instructors of all ranks and backgrounds. The only thing you must have is a genuine want to offer honest, credible and well-earned grades within your club.

It’s free to join, and is a collaborative project – not an authoritarian policy. You will be welcomed into a closed community group in which we will share policy changes, and welcome inter-club collaboration.

Our National Grading Integrity Scheme is free to join for every paying member of our association.

Issue nationally accredited and ratified grades, for free, through the BMABA.