We’re exceptionally proud to be working in collaboration with GB Taekwondo, to act as a talent pathway for their renowned Fighting Chance programme; an elite development programme that goes all the way through to the GB Olympic Taekwondo team.

To give everyone a fair chance of demonstrating their talents, GB Taekwondo run the GB Taekwondo Fighting Chance Programme – a grass roots initiative that allows martial artists the opportunity to submit video footage of their abilities. This is then assessed by their talent team, with those who show exceptional promise being invited to attend specific auditions at the British Taekwondo headquarters in Manchester. The programme is open to martial artists between the ages of 13 – 18.

As a leading UK multi-style martial arts organisation, we have collaborated with GB Taekwondo to help promote the immense possibilities the programme offers by ensuring this reaches as many young, talented martial artists as possible.

The GB squad is interested in exploring not just those with a background exclusively in Taekwondo, either. The programme is open to anyone with talent in a kicking orientated sport – be that Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and so on.

As an association we are always keen to signpost and support initiatives like this and accordingly, we will be providing our registered clubs and instructors with instructions on how to submit talented students for consideration from within our Instructor’s Extranet; MyBMABA. All registered BMABA members will be able to enjoy direct access to submit their students’ potential straight through to the GB Taekwondo Talent Team, directly from MyBMABA.

We help our clubs understand more about the program, and how to submit a good submission. This provides clubs from a number of different martial arts styles with the ability to put their most talented 13-18 year old students through for consideration to ultimately work their way through to a full time role training for the GB Olympic Taekwondo Squad.